Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sausage Dog

We love having house guests! Guests from Colorado came to visit and when they returned home they sent a note on this cute greeting card. Of course, they adored Odie and
we were so thrilled that they found a card to represent the long and short of it all in our life. We noticed the designers web address so followed it in hopes to secure some cards for our own personal notes to people. The artist is from the U.K. but they have distributors in the states so we are going to seek and find a stash! Then, as we read the blog on her site; we saw some of her creatures on t-shirts. We think this would make the must have t-shirt for Dachshund lovers, don't you think? With the back end of the dog wrapping around the back of the T-shirt! Gotta get one, call us crazy, but it's Dachshund Love.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birding in Cape May

Are you a nature lover and birdwatcher? Even if you are not, please watch this short video and take the quick survey. Local Cape May birder and nature photographer, Richard Crossley, is hoping to get his bird documentary 'Wild in the City' accepted by Animal Planet and your doing this will be most helpful to accomplish his goal. Besides, we think a bird documentary will be most entertaining (you will see what I mean when you see Richard's antics to get just the right photo) and there are no bird programs on the nature channels!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Gift to You!

With all the doom and gloom on the news these days all we can say to that is "Bah Humbug!" We are feeling all warm and fuzzy at Rhythm of the Sea this festive season and Cape May is magical any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. We would love to share some of that sparkle with you. So...if you are tired of the same old hustle and bustle craziness of the holiday season consider a stay with us between now and the end of the 2008 and we will treat you to the MAC sponsored Holiday Tour of your choice! Will you ride a trolley with Santa? Perhaps visit some ghosts of Christmas past? Or maybe touring a few of the grand ole' dames done up to the nines with decorations and seasonal collectibles, is more your style. Whatever it is...we'd like to bring you a little cheer this season. *Book your stay by calling us at (800) 498-6888 and we will secure your tour tickets. For a peek of the tour options go to
*minimum stay requirements are applicable

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Room at the Inn

Odie is holding a room for you! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's not over in October!

I was checking in a guest yesterday and was commenting on an arts festival coming up and said, "Oh, but that's not until October!" Well October is only three days away!! The seasons are changing already? No worries, mate, as we say Downunder...just because it's October does not mean to say it is over. The art festival I was mentioning is the Wheaton Village Arts Festival of Fine Craft ( showcasing over 140 juried artists, crafts demonstrations, musical entertainment, food (of course) and more. As the Festiv-al Season gears up here are some upcoming festivals, just to give you a hint of things to come...( Victorian Week, 2nd Annual Cape May Wine Festival, Vintage Dance Weekend, Halloween Happenings, Murder Mystery Dinners, Ghost Rider Trolly Tours. And then in November, the 30th Cape May Jazz Festival livens up the town even more. Go to for sound bytes & bios.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Restaurant Pick

The Washington Inn (, an 1840 plantation home tucked under the sycamores on Washington Street in the heart of Cape May, has been an acclaimed Cape May Restaurant for many years under the ownership of the Craig Family. The menu is the wizardry of Mimi Woods and she will never disappoint as she puts a spell on you. We love the subtle elegance of the five different dining rooms (one is in the wine cellar) and the bar is conversation inducing. Marty, Ro and Kristen shake a mean martini, be it traditional or a splendid Peachy Keen or Golden Pear (my fav!). Michael Craig brings his vast knowledge and love of wines to the cellar and Wolfgang is always ready for a tasting of Michael's recommendations. We love the fun, yet professional service and all of it makes for the perfect evening out. Check out their web site for menu, specials and events.


A human owned by a Dachshund is a very lucky person, indeed. Meet Odie - a.k.a Otis Spunkmyer (one smart cookie and sweet enough to eat!) and when he is a very good boy, '"O'dielicious!"' Odie is a one year old (29/05/07) miniture longhaired Dachshund. That's two dogs long and half a dog high! We got him last September from a breeder ( in Pomfret Center, Connecticut, after a cowboy had told us to 'git a long little doggie!'. Odie's origins are German (of course!), Dutch and English. His coloring is shaded red with cream underlay and he is a very handsome boy. Here at the Inn he is the resident greeter, alert personnal, paper shredder and taste tester! He says everything around here sure tastes good. He takes all these tasks very seriously. He does not get full run of the place though, and is often found snoozing under the office desk. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet, he is waiting anxiously for that day. He may greet you at the office door with a 'woof!' of "who goes there", but then he immediately flips over on his back to show his submissive side in hopes of a belly rub. So that is the long and the short of it. So, come for a visit, sit a while and stay as long as you like at the Rhythm of the Sea! As Bev at Wagside Inn, says, "have a tail waggin' day!" See a slide show of Odie's stay at the Wagside Inn select Dachshunds Forever
Oh, boy! Oh, boy!! Did I find a wonderful blog celebrating 'the long and the short of it!' You just gotta see this; Talk about Dachshund Love.