Saturday, September 13, 2008


A human owned by a Dachshund is a very lucky person, indeed. Meet Odie - a.k.a Otis Spunkmyer (one smart cookie and sweet enough to eat!) and when he is a very good boy, '"O'dielicious!"' Odie is a one year old (29/05/07) miniture longhaired Dachshund. That's two dogs long and half a dog high! We got him last September from a breeder ( in Pomfret Center, Connecticut, after a cowboy had told us to 'git a long little doggie!'. Odie's origins are German (of course!), Dutch and English. His coloring is shaded red with cream underlay and he is a very handsome boy. Here at the Inn he is the resident greeter, alert personnal, paper shredder and taste tester! He says everything around here sure tastes good. He takes all these tasks very seriously. He does not get full run of the place though, and is often found snoozing under the office desk. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet, he is waiting anxiously for that day. He may greet you at the office door with a 'woof!' of "who goes there", but then he immediately flips over on his back to show his submissive side in hopes of a belly rub. So that is the long and the short of it. So, come for a visit, sit a while and stay as long as you like at the Rhythm of the Sea! As Bev at Wagside Inn, says, "have a tail waggin' day!" See a slide show of Odie's stay at the Wagside Inn select Dachshunds Forever
Oh, boy! Oh, boy!! Did I find a wonderful blog celebrating 'the long and the short of it!' You just gotta see this; Talk about Dachshund Love.

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