Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sausage Dog

We love having house guests! Guests from Colorado came to visit and when they returned home they sent a note on this cute greeting card. Of course, they adored Odie and
we were so thrilled that they found a card to represent the long and short of it all in our life. We noticed the designers web address so followed it in hopes to secure some cards for our own personal notes to people. The artist is from the U.K. but they have distributors in the states so we are going to seek and find a stash! Then, as we read the blog on her site; we saw some of her creatures on t-shirts. We think this would make the must have t-shirt for Dachshund lovers, don't you think? With the back end of the dog wrapping around the back of the T-shirt! Gotta get one, call us crazy, but it's Dachshund Love.

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